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About NXT-GEN Tech Webinar Series


We have started the NXT-GEN Tech Webinar series to discuss the latest technologies and developments across the industrial domain. We encourage thought leadership sessions and panel discussions on these topics. Senior industry members and subject matter experts from national & international companies are invited to share implementation examples, challenges and ways forward in different industry solutions. Solution providers can utilize this platform to discuss their products/ solutions.

Past NXT-GEN Tech Webinars

Remote Monitoring, Data Analytics & Predictive Maintenance Webinar

14th June 2021

Smart Manufacturing Technologies for Electrical & Electronics Industry Webinar

15th July 2021

New Age Technologies in Pharma & Life Science Manufacturing Webinar

6th August 2021

Emerging Technologies for Reshaping Food & Beverage Industry Webinar

10th November 2021

IIOT Solutions for Achieving Operational Excellence

17th December 2021

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